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Through high-paced and intense practices, we focus on the physical and mental details of the game, with an emphasis on accountability. Optimal learning environments occurs when one is placed out of their comfort zone, and operating at the edge of their ability.


Our highest priority is to at all times create an environment of care, transparency, and concentrated discomfort, to make sure a player has the opportunity to maximize their potential.


We believe a coach’s duty is to prepare their players to not only be successful at their current level, but advance them to the next level in a way for them to thrive. We must develop genuine relationships, to be an ongoing resource as our players move through their playing career, and excel beyond high school.


Recent Commitments

Individual Excellence....
         ....Achievement Together


"The professional atmosphere and approach to getting you that 1% better each day is why I keep coming back...Baseball Performance Academy will take you beyond the next level."

Gavin Collins, Cleveland Indians Prospect

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